Teletest is a new and innovative computer-based non-intrusive/non-destructive technology using directed ultra-sonic waves to detect internal and external corrosion and metal loss in Process plant piping and pipelines.


  • Pipe work in oil & gas and petrochemical installations.
  • Offshore process pipe work/riser inspection.
  • Power generation plant pipework.
  • Structural tubular members/lamp columns.
  • Road crossings/bund wall penetrations.
  • Testing of elevated or complex pipework from convenient locations.
  • Detection of corrosion /erosion under insulation.

  • Unique screens tool for pipelines and process pipework for metal loss features.
  • 100% coverage at rates of up to km per day.
  • Inspect tens of meters of pipework from a single location.
  • Suitable for pipe diameter up to 48 in (1219mm).
  • Able to distinguish between metal loss and pipe features (welds, supports, bends etc).

  • Road crossings, UK, Indonesia and Alaska.
  • Power generation plant tube inspection, UK.
  • Riser inspection, onshore UK.
  • Spirally welded jetty line, UK
  • Refinery pipework, UK, Continental Europe, Japan and South Africa.
  • Chemical Process plant pipework, UK
  • Tank farm inspection, UK
  • Steel plant lines, Japan
  • Delivery line for Shell Nigeria
  • Teletest is a unique screening tool that guarantees 100% pipe coverage. It is faster and cheaper than other methods such as conventional ultrasonic, MFP and visual inspection.

    Fairshores is the sole agent in Nigeria for Plant Integrity Limited (a TWI Company) and its range of Teletest products and services. We offer you a range of services including base line condition assessment and trend monitoring at competitive prices.

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