Fairshores offers complete multi-phase solutions including:

  • Multi-Phase Pumps
  • Multi-Phase meters
  • Multi-Port selector valves
  • System sizing and analysis
  • Multiphase pumping can:

  • Increase oil production by reducing well-head pressure.
  • Simplify the process and eliminate separation equipment, piping and pipelines.
  • Reduce operating cost by reducing system gathering pressure.
  • Lower system operating pressure.
  • Extended field life.
  • Reduce land usage and community visibility.
  • Reduce field construction time and exposure.
  • Fairshores is the sole agent for the NATIONAL OILWELL Mass Transfer Pump (MTP) and the R & M Triphaze System in Nigeria.

    The Mass Transfer Pump

  • 100% Gas Volume Fraction (GVF).
  • Capacity up to 200,000 BPD at suction condition.
  • ANSI 600# rating.
  • Simple and robust, easy to maintain in-situ
  • High temperature capability.
  • Solids handling capability
  • Low capital and operating costs
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