At Fairshores we think globally and act locally.

Fairshores offers complete multi-phase solutions including:
  • Multi-Phase Pumps
  • Multi-Phase meters
  • Multi-Port selector valves
  • System sizing and analysis
Multiphas pumping can:
  • Increase oil production by reducing well-head pressure
  • Simplify the process and eliminate separation equipment, piping and pipelines
  • Reduce operating cost by reducing system gathering pressure
  • Lower system operating pressure
  • Extended field life
  • Reduce land usage and community visibility
  • Reduce field construction time and exposure
Fairshores is the sole agent for the  NATIONAL OILWELL Mass Transfer Pump (MTP)® and the R & M Triphaze System® in Nigeria.

The Mass Transfer Pump®
  • 0 – 100% Gas Volume Fraction (GVF)
  • Capacity up to 200,000 BPD at suction condition
  • ANSI 600# rating
  • Simple and robust, easy to maintain in-situ
  • High temperature capability
  • Solids handling capability
  • Low capital and operating costs
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Our Mission
To provide technology-driven value adding services for the oil and gas industry in Nigeria and West Africa.
Our Vision
To become one of the leading Indigenous oil and gas service companies in Nigeria and West Africa by 2015.